Vector WEB ERP

Success Stories

Vector, a leading Security and Allied Services provider, achieve operational excellence in Human Resource and Payroll management with WEB ERP.

“HR features on the mobile app has given us cutting edge in our on-field hiring process, attendance management and other processes. While hiring, important employee details, organizational and statutory compliance related documents can be captured on-field itself. Using facial recognition and GPS location tracking, we can now be sure that our staff are clocking their attendance in a timely manner from the site they are assigned.”

“Our payroll process is quiet efficient and much smoother now. There is a high level of accuracy and time required for payroll for all sites is reduced to 1/4th of the time required before this implementation.”

– Major Vishal Taneja (Retd.)
Managing Director , VECTOR  INFINITY LLP

Vector infinity LLP is one of the most professional, quality conscious and versatile companies offering an array of customized services. It takes pride in being a single stop solution provider to all client needs while having a single point responsibility for multiple activities provided to them. With a professional, motivated and well-trained workforce and qualified and experienced management they are accessible 24×7, follow Standard Operating Procedures and Systems and run the organization ethically, transparently and with industry best practises.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

The services VECTOR offers are;

  • Security Services
    • Armed and Unarmed Security Guard
    • Electronic Safety and Security Solutions
    • Security Audit and Training
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Management Support Services
  • Maintenance and Upkeeping Services
  • Fire Prevention Services
  • Manpower Provisioning Services

The Challenge

Private Security is a human resource intensive industry. Some of the key challenges of the industry are related to procurement and retention of the manpower while keeping the costs low.

With the growth Vector had been witnessing over the years, there was a growing awareness in management for the need to adopt more efficient and effective system to handle their workforce requirements and their overall human resources management to keep up with the business growth together with improving profitability. With this need, Vector wanted to implement a comprehensive system to automate, streamline and improve overall Human Resource Management process.


The Solution

Vector used WEB ERP, which is a web based ERP system and WEB ERP mobile app. WEB ERP is a comprehensive ERP system that includes an integrated Human Resource Management (HRM) module. Hosted on cloud, WEB ERP allows users to work from anywhere, anytime and by using a desktop or a mobile device.

WEB ERP HRM automates and streamlines complete Human Resource Management process and brings efficiency and accuracy in processes such as maintaining detailed employee database, managing operations such as staff transfers, promotions, deputation, appraisals, attendance, online timesheet submission, payroll process management along with catering to staff loans and advances. With an intuitive user interface it quickens and simplifies collaboration between staff and centralizes the data and documents required for organizational and statutory compliance. WEB ERP mobile app speeds up processes with on-field operations such as on-field staff hiring, attendance using AI and GPS location tracking, providing support to and collaboration with clients etc.

The Benefit

Entellus was able to realize many benefits such as:

  • HR process improvement with automated and streamlined process leading to operational efficiency.
  • Efficiency in on-field operations such as staff hiring and attendance management with the use of mobile app, AI and GPS location tracking.
  • Reduced cost with efficient processes and accuracy in data.
  • Reduction in loss of revenue with improved visibility and data accuracy.
  • Effective decision making with quick and complete information availability.
  • Improvement in Data security with data hosted in high security data centres.
  • Better cohesiveness between staff and with clients due to better information sharing.
  • Centralization, control and accessibility of data and compliance related documents.
  • Improvement in operational control with authorization and access control to the ERP functions with admin functionality.

Quick Facts

Customer: Vector infinity LLP
Industry: Private Security Services
No. of Branches:10
No. of Employees:Approx. 2500
Location: India
Solution Implemented:  WEB ERP
                           WEB ERP Mobile                                 app
Modules Implemented:
  • Sales and CRM
  • Procurement
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Human Resource Management
  • Inventory Management