Seize the digitalization opportunity offered by WEB ERP and fast track your business on an information super highway

Work from any where and any time with one powerful solution that is :

Quick to implement
Future proof


Operational efficiency
An empowered team
Single source of truth
Actionable insight
Improved service levels

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What our clients have to say about WEB ERP

How WEB ERP is Transforming Our Clients Businesses

WEB ERP offers plethora of benefits to a business some of which are as follows;

Improve Productivity

  • Streamlined operations across entire business with workflows and automated tasks.
  • Faster and better decisions making with centralization of all business data and improved access to information.
  • Improved cohesiveness between staff and departments with better information sharing.
  • Eliminate redundant data and errors with single source of truth.
  • Efficiently use your mobile device for on-field operations.

Increase Profitability

  • Higher revenue with improved response time for your customer support or new opportunities.
  • Lower cost with better procurement process.
  • Reduce IT capital investments and ongoing IT overheads.
  • Stay updated with latest upgrades to the system with automatic updates with no additional costs.
  • Eliminate rudimentary tasks and focus on growing your business.

Enhance Resilience

  • Quick to implement and faster to realize value. Easy to learn and simple to use with intuitive user interface accelerates adoptability by users.
  • Easily configurable, customizable and scalable system leads to higher level of adaptability to the business changes and growth. Improved interoperability with other external systems with ready to use interfaces (APIs).
  • Work from anywhere and anytime with a future-proofed solution using desktop or mobile device.

Enhance Business Relationship

  • Enhance customer service levels with better understanding of your customer, improved order management for a great fulfilment experience and quality control to maintain high product quality delivered to customers.
  • Maintain professional working relationship with suppliers with efficient procurement and consignment processes to reduce delays and unnecessary costs

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

  • Improve statutory and organizational compliance with automated processes and best practices.
  • Maintain quality of raw materials, semi-finished and finished to ensure goods quality meet regulatory standards.
  • Improve traceability with better visibility and transparency.

Emerging Technologies and Data Security

  • Utilize emerging technologies such as facial recognition, GPS location tracking, biometrics, AI for competitive advantage.
  • Achieve Data security with access control, encryptions and server based processing in high performance data centres.
  • Quick and easy upgrade of IT infrastructure as per your business growth.

WEB ERP Components

1.Sales and Distribution and Customer Relationship Management

Enhance your leads and customer relationship with built-in CRM. Efficiently respond to enquiries or opportunities with accurate and readily available information related to your customer, products, pricing, lead-time data, order status etc. Understand your customer better and implement customer specific sales strategies. Provide exceptional customer service across all contact points in order–to-cash process for sustained business growth and customer trust.

3. Inventory and Warehouse Management

Gain efficiency and accuracy in warehousing and inventory management with streamlined and automated processes. Analyse and optimize inventory levels to effectively allocate working capital for containing inventory carrying costs and wastage while maintaining service levels. Gain real-time visibility into operations for quick, effective and informed decision making.

5. Production and Planning

Efficiently manage production related data such as raw material, multi-level semi-finished and finished product structures. Optimize your production with accurate information on inventory levels, re-order level and real-time demand supply information. Plan and execute MRP for make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, assemble-to-stock, configure-to-order, configure-to-stock requirements for discrete and process production. Estimate finished product costs accurately and determine sales price for better margins. Adapt quickly to changes to and new requirements in products while keeping the cost low and maintaining quality levels.

2. Procurement and Supplier Relationship Management

Streamline, automate and centrally manage global procure-to-pay process and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Maximise profits by managing each step of your procurement process to reduce cost, improve quality of your inventory and source suppliers with new innovations to gain competitive advantage. Improve decision making in day to day operations with better visibility and improve spend management with better business insight.

4. Finance and Accounting

Streamline, automate and unify your company wide financial management processes such as general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, cash management, currency management, payroll management, deferred revenue and expense accounting, intercompany accounting. Gain end to end view of your business finances for improved financial planning, management and performance of your business to maximize profitability, liquidity and ensure sustained growth. Keep track of profitability of overall business or track it by cost/profit centres and by projects. Be compliant with the International Accounting Standards.

6. Human Resource and Payroll

Efficiently manage HR processes to cater to current and future business needs. Maintain detailed employee database with information relating to Personal, Official, Educational, Work History, Family, Bank, Legal, Medical and other details. Efficiently manage staff transfer, promotions, deputations, appraisals, Be abreast with emerging technologies and achieve efficient and accurate staff attendance management with facial recognition, GPS and QR code scanning using smart phone. Manage timesheet easily and accurately with online submission and approval. Automate Payroll to calculate salary, allowance and deductions based on designation, grades and locations accurately and efficiently.

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