Entellus WEB ERP

Success Stories

Entellus, a fast growing provider of Security and Allied Services, beats COVID restrictions and achieves its ERP goals smoothly and timely.

“High quality customized solution has been delivered with entire satisfaction of this Company. There is a 20-25% reduction in operational and administrative costs due to process improvements and higher staff productivity. This is quiet significant for us.”

“Our tendering process time is significantly reduced and it now takes about 1/4th the time it took earlier. This has increased sales efficiency leading to increase in win rate by over 20%. For this implementation, we expect to achieve ROI within 12-18 months.”

“High quality customized solution has been delivered during COVID restrictions with entire satisfaction of this Company with excellent response time. We got our product delivery before the stipulated time and are promptly attended to after the implementation of the ERP also”

– Major Vishal Taneja (Retd.)
Managing Director, Entellus Security and Allied Services

Entellus Security and Allied Services Pvt. Ltd. (ESAS) is one of the most professional, quality conscious and versatile companies offering an array of customized services. It takes pride in being a single stop solution provider to all client needs while having a single point responsibility for multiple activities provided to them. With a professional, motivated and well-trained workforce and qualified and experienced management they are accessible 24×7, follow Standard Operating Procedures and Systems and run the organization ethically, transparently and with industry best practises.

The services ESAS offers are;

  • Security Services
    • Armed and Unarmed Security Guard
    • Electronic Safety and Security Solutions
    • Security Audit and Training
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Management Support Services
  • Maintenance and Upkeeping Services
  • Fire Prevention Services
  • Manpower Provisioning Services

The Challenge

Entellus is a fast growing Private Security and Allied Services provider. Management deemed it necessary, for a sustained business growth and profitability, to upgrade from QuickBooks to a comprehensive ERP solution for improved operational efficiency and better management of the overall business. They required a complete system that would integrate, streamline and automate operations in all departments of the business from Sales, Purchasing, Finance and Accounts, Human Resource and Payroll, Customer Relationship Management.


After Entellus selected Visabi ERP Web ERP in its growth strategy, COVID pandemic broke out and led to country-wide lockdown. There was urgency in the requirement for this upgrade and lockdown due to COVID was a concern and raised doubts in Entellus management regarding timely implementation of the new system. Entellus management wanted to know from us if there was a solution for this and wanted us to present a complete plan that would achieve their ERP goals smoothly, timely and within the budget

The Solution

Entellus selected WEB ERP, a comprehensive web based ERP system that follows industry best practises in managing company-wide operations efficiently and accurately. Hosted on cloud, WEB ERP allows users to work from anywhere, anytime and by using a desktop or a mobile device. It provides end to end view of the business finances for improved financial planning, management and performance of a business and helps a business achieve organizational and statutory compliances. WEB ERP is flexible, highly customizable and scalable system that supports business growth.

Visabi team of consultants, who have are highly experienced in managing projects remotely, presented a plan to implement the project remotely in a smooth and timely manner which was liked and accepted by Entellus. Contingency plan for all possible risk factors of each phase of the projects were prepared and client team was presented with all information prior to the start of the project and all needed guidance and assistant was provided during the implementation.

The Benefit

Entellus was able to realize many benefits such as:

  • Operational efficiency all departments due to process improvement with automated and streamlined process.
  • Reduced cost with efficient processes and accuracy in data.
  • Improved financial and cash flow management with improved visibility and data accuracy.
  • Effective decision making with quick and complete information availability.
  • Improvement in Data security with data hosted in high security data centres.
  • Better cohesiveness between staff due to better information sharing.
  • Centralization, control and accessibility of data and compliance related documents.
  • Improvement in operational control with authorization and access control to the ERP functions with admin functionality.
  • Improvement in accessibility with system availability anytime, anywhere and from desktop or mobile device.

Quick Facts


Entellus Security and Allied Services Pvt. Ltd.

Industry: Private Security Services
No. of Branches:10
No. of Employees:Approx. 2500
Location: India
Solution Implemented:  WEB ERP
WEB  ERP Mobile app
Modules Implemented:
  • Sales and CRM
  • Procurement
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Human Resource Management
  • Inventory Management